​​Don Vincent

Store for Men

Don and Vincent Puccio started Don Vincent Store for Men in 1971 near San Diego.  In 1993 our family made the decision to move our company to the Coachella Valley and we opened on Palm Canyon Drive.  Today we have a great store on El Paseo in Palm Desert, California.  We focus on bringing together the best possible collection of men's clothing from around the world.  We carry exciting and contemporary sportswear and specialize in luxury dress clothing including suits, sport coats and slacks.  

What makes us different from most other stores is that we are still family owned and operated.  We are passionate about being a part of the men's apparel industry and we never compromise on our commitment to quality, style, and customer service. 

We operate one of the few remaining great men's stores.  There was a day when expert advice in our field was relatively easy to come by.  Today the expertise needed to operate a world-class store like ours is almost non-existent in this world of disposable clothing and big-box shopping.  Step into the world of expert advice and knowledge and let us present to you great men's clothing from a multitude of designers and manufacturers.  On your journey to look great, the crossroads of quality, style, and affordability is found at Don Vincent Store for Men.   How may we help you?